Using Alignment Package in Sublime Text 3

It is nice to see the code if it is aligned well. Check out below example of aligning and misaligned code. Mis Aligned Code $data = array( ‘one’ => ‘One’, ‘two’ => ‘two’, ‘three’ => ‘Three’, ‘four’ => ‘Four’, ‘five’ => ‘Five’, ); Aligned Code $data = array( ‘one’ => ‘One’, ‘two’ => ‘two’, ‘three’

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Keyboard shortcut/aliases for the WP CLI, Git, Grunt & PHPCS commands for windows

In development, We spend a lot of time on the command line. We type a lot of commands on regularly. I have created a shortcut for the most of the commands which I use on a daily basis some of them are below: WP CLI Command Keyboard Shortcut/Aliases wp theme list wpthl wp plugin list

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