Show all scheduled events OR corn jobs in WordPress

Description #Description By using the funciton wp_get_schedules () to get all the scheduled events OR corn jobs. Note: Use below code snippet for ONLY debugging/development purpose. Code Snippet #Code Snippet Output #Output

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Get latest stable Plugin or Theme download zip URL from

Plugin Download URL #Plugin Download URL You can add a download button on your website with the link of latest plugin zip. So, Your users always get the latest zip of your plugin which is hosted on Stable plugin download zip URL is: Note: You need to use the plugin slug for {plugin-slug}. How

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Multisite Support for Site Metadata in WordPress 5.1

Quick Highlights: #Quick Highlights: WordPress multisite introduces a new database table wp_blogmeta to store metadata associated with sites. This allows for the storage of arbitrary site data relevant in a multisite/network context. It provides an alternative to using options and can be retrieved from multiple sites in a more performant way—without calling  switch_to_blog(). Sites can now

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PHP 5.6 is the intended version from WordPress 5.1

Quick Highlights: #Quick Highlights: WordPress 5.1 will start showing notices to administrators of sites that run on long outdated PHP versions. (Below PHP 5.6 version). See bump of the minimum required PHP version. Provided filter wp_update_php_url for a more dynamic approach on the code level. Replacing the URL should happen in cases where a more specific

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PHP Date and Time format with examples and descriptions

Date Examples: #Date Examples: Output Format Example 15/02/19 d/m/y date( ‘d/m/y’ ) 15-Feb-2019 d-M-Y date( ‘d-M-Y’ ) 15 February 2019 d F Y date( ‘d F Y’ ) 15th February 2019 dS F Y date( ‘dS F Y’ ) Feb, 15th 2019 M, dS Y date( ‘M, dS Y’ ) Time 12 hrs Examples: #Time

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