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Quick Links #Quick Links Below are the quick download links of the latest WordPress release. Or Download OLD plugin release for reference. NOTE: Always use latest WordPress plugin release. Use OLD versions only for development purpose. 5.2 Branch #5.2 Branch Download the WordPress 5.2 version #Download the WordPress 5.2 version 5.2.1 May 21, 2019 zip(md5 | sha1)

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Mahesh Waghmare

Now WordPress have 55 thousands of plugins

WordPress now have 55 thousands of plugins in plugin repository. We can browse the plugins by 4 categories: Block-Enabled Plugins See all Featured Plugins – See all Beta Plugins – See all Popular Plugins – See all

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How to Quick Fix Error Another update is currently in progress.

Some times while updating the WordPress core or bulk updating plugins we’ll get a notice: Another update is currently in progress. This notice occurs because WordPress lock the update process if the update process triggers multiple times. The update class uses the method create_lock of the class WP_Upgrader to create a lock. E.g. WP_Upgrader::create_lock( ‘LOCK_NAME’,

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Get all posts which contain specific shortcode

While working on some project, I was stuck on one issue. The issue was, User was multiple posts and he was use my shortcode on some of them. And I was trying to figure out which are the posts which content have my shortcode. The answer is in my question. To do this I need

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