Avoid Automatic Redirection or Canonical Redirection

Overview #Overview WordPress redirects the incoming links to the proper URL based on the site url. Search engines consider the

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How to enable allow_url_fopen from the php.ini file?

Introduction #Introduction allow_url_fopen is a filesystem and streams configuration option. Which enables the URL-aware fopen() wrappers that enable accessing URL

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6 Years Complete in The WordPress

I got an achievement notification on my blog https://maheshwaghmare.com/. I have just completed the 6 years with WordPress. Note: This

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How to Fix the ERROR: the “PHPCompatibilityWP” coding standard is not installed.

How to Check PHPCompatibilityWP exist? #How to Check PHPCompatibilityWP exist? To check the PHPCompatibilityWP coding standard is installed on your

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New Launch maheshwaghmare.com

Introducing the new maheshwaghmare.com

I’m pleased to announce the launch of my new website! After 5 years of casual blogging, I am excited to

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