How to avoid automatic redirection or canonical redirection in WordPress?

Overview #Overview WordPress redirects the incoming links to the proper URL based on the site url. Search engines consider the link and to be two different URLs when they both go to the same location. This SEO enhancement prevents penalties for duplicate content by redirecting all incoming links to one or the other.

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How to enable allow_url_fopen from the php.ini file?

Introduction #Introduction allow_url_fopen is a filesystem and streams configuration option. Which enables the URL-aware fopen() wrappers that enable accessing URL objects like files. If allow_url_fopen() is enabled then by default we can access remote files using the FTP or HTTP protocol. Also, extensions like zlib may register additional wrappers. Issue #Issue We could not use

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6 Years Complete in The WordPress

I got an achievement notification on my blog I have just completed the 6 years with WordPress. Note: This is a Quick Short Post.

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How to Fix the ERROR: the “PHPCompatibilityWP” coding standard is not installed.

How to Check PHPCompatibilityWP exist? #How to Check PHPCompatibilityWP exist? To check the PHPCompatibilityWP coding standard is installed on your system use command phpcs -i E.g. phpcs -i You can see the result like below: The installed coding standards are MySource, PEAR, PSR1, PSR12, PSR2, Squiz, Zend, WordPress, WordPress-Core, WordPress-Docs, WordPress-Extra and PHPCompatibility Maybe you

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New Launch
Mahesh Waghmare

Introducing the new

I’m pleased to announce the launch of my new website! After 5 years of casual blogging, I am excited to officially announce the launch on 11 November 2019. The new site launch is available and the URL is If you have a plan to start a blog? Then, Let’s it with as FREE.

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