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Download Free Images from 1.4+ Million CCO public domain Images.

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Image is one of the most important part of website.

Download royalty free images/photos under CC0 public domain for your own blog. Select images/photos from 1.4 million royalty free stock photos.

Features Features

  • New* – Filter images by color.
  • Easy search from 1.4+ millions of images.
  • Direct download into the media library.
  • Automatically set the image TITLE tag for SEO purposes.
  • Automatically set the image ALT tag for SEO purposes.
  • Automatically Image attribution (of original image author) in the image description field for SEO purposes.
  • Automatically create SEO ready images of names.
  • Download images in different sizes.
  • 100% safe, model released images.
  • Easy lightbox navigation to see multiple images.

Filter Images By Color Filter Images By Color

The new feature Filter images By Color is available from plugin version 1.4.0.

See below video:

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Example Example

Below image is imported from the plugin.

Tulip Flower Orange Red Yellow  - PetrGanaj / Pixabay
PetrGanaj / Pixabay

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Screenshots Screenshots

7 thoughts on “Free Images for WordPress

    1. For now we don’t have such option to change the API key. I have another request regarding adding the settings page.

      So, I’ll add the API key option into the settings page.

      For quick fix, I’ll add the filter and release an update tonight. So you can change the API key with filter.

    1. Pixabay provides free access for other image sizes. To access the 1920px resolution size I need to send an email to them. They verify the request and if they think it is worth for Open Source project then they will approve the request.

      Once they approve the request, the high-resolution image 1920px size will be available from the plugin.


  1. Is there a way to choose an image file from inside the post screen? This is great but leave the post screen to download an image file interrupts the flow of the writing process.

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