Importing bbPress dummy data


1) Quick Import: 1) Quick Import:

I have created a simple plugin which imports the bbPress dummy data on your site within a few minutes. Check below video:

The plugin will approve on wp.orgĀ in this week. For now, you can download it from Github repo Sample Data.

Click on theĀ download pluginĀ to download.

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2) Manual Download 2) Manual Download

You can acquire the file from this trac. ticketĀ here. If you want to directly download the file clickĀ here.

  1. Go toĀ Tools > Import.
  2. Go all the way down to where it says WordPress and click the link.
  3. If you havenā€™t installed the WordPress importer plugin already, clickĀ Install Now.
  4. If you have the WordPress Importer plugin installed and activated, proceed to the import process.
  5. Click theĀ Choose FileĀ button, now select the file you just downloaded before.
  6. ClickĀ Upload file and import.
  7. You can now assign the posts to a specific user of your choice and checkĀ Import Attachments
  8. Now clickĀ Submit
  9. After that, it should import all of the posts in the file and tell you that it is done at the very bottom.

SourceĀ Creating Test Data


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