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Mahesh Waghmare

How to capture website screenshot with CLI (Command Line Interface)

Introduction #Introduction Before writing about how to create a website screenshot of website with CLI command, I think, I need to share some background. Recently, I was working on some project in which I need to set 1000+ web page screenshots and resize them and set as a featured featured image for the post. In

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How to find broken links of website using command line interface (CLI) (Using wget)

Check the broken links on website using. Try below example command which generate the wget.log it list all the broken links. Download & Install wget Add the installation directory to PATH: C:\Program Files (x86)\GnuWin32\bin Syntax: #Syntax: wget -o wget.log -r -l 10 –spider Usage: #Usage: wget -o wget.log -r -l 10 –spider –no-check-certificate Output: #Output:

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