How to Fix the ERROR: the “PHPCompatibilityWP” coding standard is not installed.

How to Check PHPCompatibilityWP exist? #How to Check PHPCompatibilityWP exist? To check the PHPCompatibilityWP coding standard is installed on your system use command phpcs -i E.g. phpcs -i You can see the result like below: The installed coding standards are MySource, PEAR, PSR1, PSR12, PSR2, Squiz, Zend, WordPress, WordPress-Core, WordPress-Docs, WordPress-Extra and PHPCompatibility Maybe you

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Keyboard shortcut/aliases for the WP CLI, Git, Grunt & PHPCS commands for windows

In development, We spend a lot of time on the command line. We type a lot of commands on regularly. I have created a shortcut for the most of the commands which I use on a daily basis some of them are below: WP CLI Command Keyboard Shortcut/Aliases wp theme list wpthl wp plugin list

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Update PHP Codesniffer (PHPCS), WordPress Coding Standards (WPCS), PHP Compatibility (WIMG)

Update PHP Codesniffer (PHPCS), WordPress Coding Standards (WPCS), PHP Compatibility (WIMG) Copy below individual or all command(s) to get latest update. composer global require squizlabs/php_codesniffer composer global require wp-coding-standards/wpcs composer global require phpcompatibility/php-compatibility composer global require dealerdirect/phpcodesniffer-composer-installer phpcbf phpcs Update: 26 – March 2019 Getting notice Package wimg/php-compatibility is abandoned, you should avoid using it. Use

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