mysqld.exe: Aria recovery failed. Please run aria_chk -r on all Aria tables and delete all aria_log.######## files

While I have started the XAMPP after a long break up to 1/2 months and I got the error ‘mysqld.exe:

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How to use PHP for Developing Dynamic Website?

[ NOTE: This article just show concept of how to use php for developing dynamic Websites.]  [ NOTE: If you

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How to execute PHP files on LOCALHOST using WAMP, MAMP or XAMPP?

In this tutorial I will show you how to Execute PHP files using WAMP. Note: Execution procedure of PHP files

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How to install wordpress on WAMP, MAMP or XAMPP?

Follow these few COMMON steps to install wordpress on WAMP, MAMP and XAMPP. Section-1 Download & Unzip wordpress on localhost

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