NOTE: ( Now just understand overall web development process. This article show overall process of web development. Details of particular subject we will discuss letter. )

[ I know it is very BASIC tutorial. If you are developer then please avoid it. ]


What is Web SITE? What is Web SITE?

First you know about web page. After that we will discuss about website.


What is Web Page? What is Web Page?

Web page is combination of text, images, links, audio, video etc. These elements are arranged in specified order.

Following diagram show the simple web page.

Home page | Template name MG Shiva
Home page of


OK. Now you know what is web page.


What is Web Site? What is Web Site?

In simple words “Web site is a collection of web pages.”


Types of web sites? Types of web sites?

There are two types of web sites.

  1. Static (Simple sites)
  2. Dynamic (E-Commerce sites)


  1. 1.    Static (Simple): Static/Simple sites are those sites which are created for PRESENTATION purpose. E.g. these site just display information about organization, person etc it’s depend on client.

[Technologies USED] :  HTML, CSS, Javascript etc.

After this section we will discuss about it.


  1. 2.    Dynamic (E-Commerce): Dynamic sites are created for BUSINESS purposes. These sites include online transaction, administrative function for handling database.

[Technologies USED] :  HTML, CSS, Javascript + [ PHP / JSP / ASP ]  etc.

After this section we will discuss about it.



NOTE: Little discussion about JQUERY, HTML5, CSS3, javascript



HTML5 HTML5 is next version of HTML.
CSS3 CSS3 also next version of CSS.



(Event Handling) e.g. Mouse / Keyboard events etc.

Javascript Control user behavior i.e. mouse/keyboard events of client.
JQUERY Library of javascript (This is a single .js file which contain functions for handle client side functionality.) it also used for animation effects.


NOTE: Other technologies such as wordpress, joomla, dhrupal, php, jsp, asp, ajax all of these discuss letter.




Different roles in website development?

There professionals are work together and create web site. So, who are them?

Marketing Executive


Graphics Designer

Website Designer

Website Developer

SEO (Search Engine optimization)

Marketing Executive


  1. 1.    Marketing Executive: These find project from other peoples.


  1. 2.    HR: Discuss project details with customers and also set TIME, COST of project.


  1. 3.    Graphics Designer: There designers design Few sample website in photoshop. And show them to customer. Customer chooses one of them and this design goes to website Designer.

[ Tools uses : Photoshop]


  1. Website Designers: These designers design website from PHOTOSHOP MOCKUP (from .psd photoshop file). They use HTML, CSS for designing web site. Now a day’s customers uses DESKTOP, LAPTOP, MOBILE, TABLETS so that this purpose designers uses RESPONSIVE designs. (now just understand overall web development process.)

[ Tools uses : HTML, CSS]


  1. 5.    Website Developer: Web site developers are those who handle internal process of web site. Eg. Customer registration, online booking, payment transactions.

[ Tools uses : PHP / ASP / JSP ]

[ If you know the difference in between PHP, ASP & JSP them please visit my next tutorial which show you difference between both of them. ]



  1. 6.    SEO (Search Engine Optimization): These professionals plays MAJOR role in web development. In case of BUSINESS Sites. SEO professional use analytical skills, search keyword, and other technologies to INCRESE WEB SITE TRAFFIC. Web site traffic means maximum people show our site when they enter particular keywords in search engine. E.G. suppose our site is SUNGLASSES when anybody SEARCH “ONLINE SUNGLASS” that time our site will display first at the top of SEARCH RESULT.

[ Tools uses : Google Analysis, Google adsense, Google Adwords etc.]




NOTE:  We focus on Website Designer & Website Developer & SEO In next article.


Now you know about Structure of WEB DEVELOPMENT.



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