In-depth of WordPress plugin init file

We are going to see In-Depth about the WordPress plugin init file. Init File Structure Below is the structure of the example plugin’s init file. <?php /** * Plugin Name: ______________ * Plugin URI: ______________ * Description: ______________ * Author: ______________ * Author URI: ______________ * Version: ______________ * Text Domain: ______________ * Domain Path:

Fix: To perform the requested action WordPress needs to access your web server

In this article we are going to see: Overview WordPress will prompt you for FTP credentials If it does not have permission to write the files it needs to. Whenever this happens we can see the error: To perform the requested action, WordPress needs to access your web server. Please enter your FTP information to

FIXED: PHP Unit test issue PHP Warning/Fatal error: Failed to open stream: No such file (mock-mailer.php) for windows

After setup the PHP unit test on your Windows operating system maybe you get below error: In file C:\Users\MaheshW\AppData\Local\Temp\wordpress-tests-lib\wp-tests-config.php line 7 has code: Here, ABSPATH return the invalid path. You can simply change the above code with below: NOTE: Here change the {USERNAME} with your own user name. To know the user name just open


Auto translate WordPress theme and plugin strings with WP CLI

With the help of WP CLI command we can translate the theme and plugin from the existing translated strings. You are going to see: How to use? Create fresh WordPress setup. Clone the plugin wp-i18n into your /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Import the database latest.sql with WP CLI commnd as below:wp db import latest.sql Now use below

Quick download WordPress versions from

Quick Links Below are the quick download links of the latest WordPress release. Or Download OLD plugin release for reference. NOTE: Always use latest WordPress plugin release. Use OLD versions only for development purpose. 5.2 Branch Download the WordPress 5.2 version 5.2.1 May 21, 2019 zip(md5 | sha1) tar.gz(md5 | sha1) IIS zip(md5 | sha1) 5.2 May 7, 2019 zip(md5 | sha1) tar.gz(md5 | sha1)

Fix: Another update is currently in progress

Some times while updating the WordPress core version or updating bulk plugins we’ll get a notice: WordPress another update is currently in progress error describes itself. Table of Content This notice occurs because WordPress locks the update process if the update process triggers multiple times. The update class uses the method create_lock of the class


List of all default Rest API endpoints in WordPress website

In WordPress there are lot of default rest API endpoints which may help you while development. How to access rest API endpoints? You can access rest API endpoints though URLs. E.g. Above URL show the list of all posts in the form of JSON. In this example endpoint, Domain name is and the

Git vs SVN commands

We use Git and SVN for managing projects. I personally work on Github, GitLab and BitBucket. I’m more familiar with Git commands. WordPress itself use the SVN for hosting plugins and themes. I have created a WordPress Theme and Plugins. But, I personally not use SVN though command line. I personally use Tortoise SVN for

Multisite Support for Site Metadata in WordPress 5.1

Quick Highlights: WordPress multisite introduces a new database table wp_blogmeta to store metadata associated with sites. This allows for the storage of arbitrary site data relevant in a multisite/network context. It provides an alternative to using options and can be retrieved from multiple sites in a more performant way—without calling  switch_to_blog(). Sites can now also be


Setup WP CLI (WordPress Command Line Interface) on Windows Operating System

Follow below steps to install the WP CLI on your Windows operating system. Step 1 Create folder wp-cli in C drive. Step 2 Download wp-cli.phar from Step 3 Move downloaded wp-cli.phar file in C:\wp-cli\ Step 4 Create wp.bat file in C:\wp-cli\ and write below code in it. Or Download file from below Gist Step