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How to use the wp_parse_url() and wp_parse_str() functions

wp_parse_url() #wp_parse_url() wp_parse_url() is wrapper function for PHP’s parse_url() function that handles consistency in the return values across PHP versions. Example 1: #Example 1: Let’s …

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Understanding the WP CLI arguments

In a recent article, we learn about creating the first WP CLI Hello World program. If you read that article then you can skip some …

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Create a first WP CLI Hello World Program

We learn how to install the WP CLI. Now, Let’s create a simple WP CLI hello world program. We are going to create a new …

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Adding image sizes with add_image_size() in WordPress

Introduction #Introduction We can add custom image sizes with function add_image_size(). But, First, let’s discuss why we need custom images in WordPress? By default, WordPress …

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Code Snippets

WordPress readable date format for post

Problem #Problem The first question raises in your mind is, what do you mean by WordPress readable date? Let me explain. While writing articles for …

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Dev Notes

How to fix error: To perform the requested action WordPress needs to access your web server

Overview #Overview WordPress will prompt you for FTP credentials If it does not have permission to write the files it needs to. Whenever this happens …

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Non-Tech WordPress Users

Then, Below section is specially dedicated for you. I have listed all the possible quick links.

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I am creating a series of the articles which helps you to know more about the WordPress.

Latest wordpress version

5.3 "Kirk"

  • Block Editor Improvements
  • Expanded Design Flexibility
  • Introducing Twenty Twenty
  • Improvements for Everyone
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Then, Below section is specially dedicated for you. I have listed all the possible quick links.

The command line interface for WordPress


WP-CLI is the command line interface for the WordPress. With the help of WP CLI we can update plugins, configure multisite installations and much more, without using a web browser.

It doesn’t get much easier than that!

high quality photo


I have collected our pick of the best free stock photography sites to help you find the pictures you need.

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