User Switching

Table of Content Overview In this article, we are going to see how to use the User Switching WordPress plugin. We can test our current plugin or theme for different user roles. Create User We need to create a new user. You can create from Users > Add new page. But, I am using WP

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

Description Zero configuration. Simply use shortcode . Features Zero configuration. Lightweight. Easy to use. Examples Below are some examples usages of showing the facebook & twitter share buttons. 1) Show facebook & twitter share buttons. Output 2) Show only Facebook button. Output 3) Show only Twitter button. Output 4) Show the social share button for

Free Images for WordPress

Download Free Images from 1.4+ Million CCO public domain Images. Table of Content Description Image is one of the most important part of website. Download royalty free images/photos under CC0 public domain for your own blog. Select images/photos from 1.4 million royalty free stock photos. Features New* – Filter images by color. Easy search from


WordPress Options API

The complete guide of WordPress Options API with examples. Table of Content Introduction In WordPress, we have an options table that helps us to save the values into the options table. To store the values in option table WordPress use the database table wp_options Or If you have change the database table prefix of your

Copy Anything to Clipboard

Simply copy the content into the clipboard. This is the guide of version 2.0.0 which is releasing soon. For now you can see the older version guide. Introducing the Copy Anything to Clipboard version 2.0.0 Introduction I write articles in my free time to share all the possible things I learn from my experience. While