Minify CSS, JS is very common task for website load time optimization.

Read this tutorial to minify your CSS, JS, SASS, LESS files on windows by “Koala”.

Step:1 Download it from

Step:2 Open Koala (Start->Koala->Koala.exe”) and drag and drop your working folder in Koala like this:

Step-1 Drag and Drop Working Folder
Drag and Drop Working Folder

Step-3: Click “refresh” to see all CSS, JS, LESS, SASS files list

Step-4: Check “Original File” and “Compressed / Compressed File”. You can manually change it as per your requirement. Refer “Step-5” for this.

Step-5: Set “Output path” for compressed file.

Step-6: You can also check “Auto Compile” option to compile it at every single change.

Step-7: Set “Output path” for compressed file.

Step-8: Click on compile to create new minify file.


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