How to minify CSS, JS, LESS, SASS?


Minify CSS, JS is very common task for website load time optimization.

Read this tutorial to minify your CSS, JS, SASS, LESS files on windows by “Koala”.

Step:1 Download it from

Step:2 Open Koala (Start->Koala->Koala.exe”) and drag and drop your working folder in Koala like this:

Step-1 Drag and Drop Working Folder
Drag and Drop Working Folder

Step-3: Click “refresh” to see all CSS, JS, LESS, SASS files list

Step-4: Check “Original File” and “Compressed / Compressed File”. You can manually change it as per your requirement. Refer “Step-5” for this.

Step-5: Set “Output path” for compressed file.

Step-6: You can also check “Auto Compile” option to compile it at every single change.

Step-7: Set “Output path” for compressed file.

Step-8: Click on compile to create new minify file.


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