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WordPress Rest API Basic Authentication Example

Below is the example Rest API request with Basic Authentication. Below request update the site title. NOTE: We need to install and activate plugin on website where we want to perform basic authentication request.

Add Custom Column to Custom Post Types

We can add extra columns to the custom post types with: Filter manage_<post-type>_posts_columns Action manage_<post-type>_posts_custom_column Add a custom column One & Two to the post. Register Custom Columns #Register Custom Columns Display Values in Columns #Display Values in Columns API example

We can test our website speed on website If you are developer and what to test your website though coding then checkout below Webpagetest API example. We send the Webpagetest API rest request to test the site.

Show posts group by taxonomy

Step 1: Create a file show-posts-in-group-by-term-or-taxonomies.sublime-snippets Step 2: Copy and Paste below code into the file.

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