PHP Date and Time format with examples and descriptions

We often use PHP function date() to display the date. But we remember almost all the possible date format’s. But

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Profiling with Blackfire for WordPress

Setup a Blackfire profiling tool on your local machine ( I’m installing it on Windows ). Profiling help developer to analyze their coding performance. Find

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How to read .xml file using PHP?

Yes, it is possible by using “simplexml_load_file()” function. In this tutorial we read “all_products.xml” using index.php file. Step-1: Create “all_products.xml”

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How to use PHP for Developing Dynamic Website?

[ NOTE: This article just show concept of how to use php for developing dynamic Websites.]  [ NOTE: If you

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How to execute PHP files on LOCALHOST using WAMP, MAMP or XAMPP?

In this tutorial I will show you how to Execute PHP files using WAMP. Note: Execution procedure of PHP files

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