Syntax Syntax

getid3_quicktime::QuicktimeSTIKLookup( int $stik )

Parameters Parameters



Return Return


Source Source

File: wp-includes/ID3/

			$QuicktimeLanguageLookup[133]   = 'Guarani';
			$QuicktimeLanguageLookup[134]   = 'Aymara';
			$QuicktimeLanguageLookup[135]   = 'Tatar';
			$QuicktimeLanguageLookup[136]   = 'Uighur';
			$QuicktimeLanguageLookup[137]   = 'Dzongkha';
			$QuicktimeLanguageLookup[138]   = 'JavaneseRom';
			$QuicktimeLanguageLookup[32767] = 'Unspecified';
		if (($languageid > 138) && ($languageid < 32767)) {
			ISO Language Codes -
			Because the language codes specified by ISO 639-2/T are three characters long, they must be packed to fit into a 16-bit field.
			The packing algorithm must map each of the three characters, which are always lowercase, into a 5-bit integer and then concatenate
			these integers into the least significant 15 bits of a 16-bit integer, leaving the 16-bit integer's most significant bit set to zero.

			One algorithm for performing this packing is to treat each ISO character as a 16-bit integer. Subtract 0x60 from the first character



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