Summery Summery

Converts IDN in given email address to its ASCII form, also known as punycode, if possible.

Syntax Syntax

PHPMailer::punyencodeAddress( string $address )

Description Description

Important: Address must be passed in same encoding as currently set in PHPMailer::$CharSet. This function silently returns unmodified address if:

  • No conversion is necessary (i.e. domain name is not an IDN, or is already in ASCII form)
  • Conversion to punycode is impossible (e.g. required PHP functions are not available) or fails for any reason (e.g. domain has characters not allowed in an IDN)

Parameters Parameters


(Required) The email address to convert

Return Return

(string) The encoded address in ASCII form

Source Source

File: wp-includes/class-phpmailer.php



See also See also

  • PHPMailer::$CharSet


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