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Get data for an item-level element

Syntax Syntax

SimplePie_Item::get_item_tags( string $namespace, string $tag )

Description Description

This method allows you to get access to ANY element/attribute that is a sub-element of the item/entry tag.

See SimplePie::get_feed_tags() for a description of the return value

Parameters Parameters


(string) (Required) The URL of the XML namespace of the elements you're trying to access


(string) (Required) Tag name

Return Return


Source Source

File: wp-includes/SimplePie/Item.php

		if (isset($this->data['child'][$namespace][$tag]))
			return $this->data['child'][$namespace][$tag];

		return null;

	 * Get the base URL value from the parent feed


Changelog Changelog

Version Description
1.0 Introduced.

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