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Determine whether a clause is first-order.

Syntax Syntax

WP_Tax_Query::is_first_order_clause( array $query )

Description Description

A "first-order" clause is one that contains any of the first-order clause keys (‘terms’, ‘taxonomy’, ‘include_children’, ‘field’, ‘operator’). An empty clause also counts as a first-order clause, for backward compatibility. Any clause that doesn’t meet this is determined, by process of elimination, to be a higher-order query.

Parameters Parameters


(array) (Required) Tax query arguments.

Return Return

(bool) Whether the query clause is a first-order clause.

Source Source

File: wp-includes/class-wp-tax-query.php

	protected static function is_first_order_clause( $query ) {
		return is_array( $query ) && ( empty( $query ) || array_key_exists( 'terms', $query ) || array_key_exists( 'taxonomy', $query ) || array_key_exists( 'include_children', $query ) || array_key_exists( 'field', $query ) || array_key_exists( 'operator', $query ) );


Changelog Changelog

Version Description
4.1.0 Introduced.


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