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WP-CLI packages are community-maintained projects built on WP-CLI. They can contain WP-CLI commands, but they can also just extend WP-CLI in some way.

Installable packages are listed in the
Package Index.

Learn how to create your own command from the
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# List installed packages
$ wp package list
| name                  | description                              | authors | version    |
| wp-cli/server-command | Start a development server for WordPress |         | dev-master |

# Install the latest development version of the package
$ wp package install wp-cli/server-command
Installing package wp-cli/server-command (dev-master)
Updating /home/person/.wp-cli/packages/composer.json to require the package...
Using Composer to install the package...
Loading composer repositories with package information
Updating dependencies
Resolving dependencies through SAT
Dependency resolution completed in 0.005 seconds
Analyzed 732 packages to resolve dependencies
Analyzed 1034 rules to resolve dependencies
 - Installing package
Writing lock file
Generating autoload files
Success: Package installed.

# Uninstall package
$ wp package uninstall wp-cli/server-command
Removing require statement from /home/person/.wp-cli/packages/composer.json
Deleting package directory /home/person/.wp-cli/packages/vendor/wp-cli/server-command
Regenerating Composer autoload.
Success: Uninstalled package.

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Name Description
wp package browse

Browses WP-CLI packages available for installation.

wp package install

Installs a WP-CLI package.

wp package list

Lists installed WP-CLI packages.

wp package path

Gets the path to an installed WP-CLI package, or the package directory.

wp package uninstall

Uninstalls a WP-CLI package.

wp package update

Updates all installed WP-CLI packages to their latest version.