Git vs SVN commands


Most developers use Git and GitHub and some use the SVN for managing projects.

Both are version control systems.

Git vs SVN commands 1
Git vs SVN commands 2

In this article, you are going to see the similar commands of Git vs SVN to manage the projects.

The table of Git vs SVN commands:

DescriptionGIT CommandSVN Command
Copy a repositorygit clonesvn checkout
Record changes to file historygit commitsvn commit
View commit detailsgit showsvn cat
Confirm statusgit statussvn status
Check differencesgit diffsvn diff
Check loggit logsvn log
Additiongit addsvn add
Movegit mvsvn mv
Deletegit rmsvn rm
Cancel changegit checkoutsvn revert1
Cancel changegit resetsvn revert1
Make a branchgit branchsvn copy2
Switch branchgit checkoutsvn switch
Mergegit mergesvn merge
Create a taggit tagsvn copy2
Updategit pullsvn update
Updategit fetchsvn update
It is reflected on the remotegit pushsvn commit
Ignore file list.gitignore.svnignore
Difference between the Git vs SVN commands

Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

Below is the list of frequently asked questions.

Which is the command to clone the repository in GitHub?

The git clone command allows us to clone the GitHub repository.

How do we clone the repository in SVN?

In SVN we use the svn checkout command.

Which command do we use in GitHub to record the changes?

The git commit allows us to record or store the change in the history so we can use it whenever we want.

How do we commit changes in SVN?

The svn commit allows us to commit the changes in SVN.

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