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DevKinsta is a FREE tool to develop the WordPress website on localhost.

We are goiIntroduction

It provides the way to design, develop, and deploy WordPress sites from the comfort of your local machine.

DevKinsta is a free tool

Installation Installation

To download the DevKinsta visit:

Choose the DevKinsta for your MacOS or Windows operating system.

Download the DevKinsta

After download click on install to start the installation process.

Screen # 1 – Run DevKinsta Software

Run DevKinsta Software

Screen # 2 – Choose Installation Options

Choose Installation Options

Screen # 3 – Choose Install Location

Choose Install Location

Screen # 4 – Installing DevKinsta

Installing DevKinsta

Screen # 5 – Completing DevKinsta Setup

Completing DevKinsta Setup

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Create a New Site Create a New Site

DevKinsta provides the One-click WordPress site creation for single and multisite.

It also provides the database manager, SMTP server, WP_DEBUG toggle and few more tools.

DevKinsta provides the PHP 7.x and 8.x support.

The site creation UI is very clean and minimal.

Let’s see it in action.

Screen # 1 – Create new Site

Create new Site

Screen # 2 – New Site Details

New site details

Screen # 3 – Done

New Site Dashboard

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Local Email Manager Local Email Manager

Local Email Manager is another best feature of DevKinsta. It provides the SMTP server for testing the emails locally.

Email Inbox

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Errors and Solutions Errors and Solutions

Below are some errors which may occurs while installing or using the DevKinsta.

Error #dk0003

DevKinsta Error #dk0003

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