DevKinsta – A Free Local WordPress Development


DevKinsta is a FREE tool to develop the WordPress website on localhost.

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DevKinsta – Introduction DevKinsta – Introduction

It provides the way to design, develop, and deploy WordPress sites from the comfort of your local machine.

DevKinsta is a free tool available for macOS and Windows.

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DevKinsta – Installation DevKinsta – Installation

To download the DevKinsta visit:

Choose the DevKinsta for your MacOS or Windows operating system.

Download the DevKinsta

After download click on install to start the installation process.

Screen # 1 – Run DevKinsta Software

Run DevKinsta Software

Screen # 2 – Choose Installation Options

Choose Installation Options

Screen # 3 – Choose Install Location

Choose Install Location

Screen # 4 – Installing DevKinsta

Installing DevKinsta

Screen # 5 – Completing DevKinsta Setup

Completing DevKinsta Setup

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DevKinsta – Create a New Site DevKinsta – Create a New Site

DevKinsta provides the One-click WordPress site creation for single and multisite.

It also provides the database manager, SMTP server, WP_DEBUG toggle and few more tools.

DevKinsta provides the PHP 7.x and 8.x support.

The site creation UI is very clean and minimal.

Let’s see it in action.

Screen # 1 – Create new Site

Create new Site

Screen # 2 – New Site Details

New site details

Screen # 3 – Done

New Site Dashboard

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DevKinsta – Local Email Manager DevKinsta – Local Email Manager

Local Email Manager is another best feature of DevKinsta. It provides the SMTP server for testing the emails locally.

Email Inbox

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DevKinsta – Errors and Solutions DevKinsta – Errors and Solutions

Below are some errors which may occurs while installing or using the DevKinsta.

Error #dk0003

DevKinsta Error #dk0003

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