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Node.js is an open-source server environment run on various platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc.) which uses JavaScript on the server, and most importantly it’s FREE.

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine.

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Overview of Node.js Overview of Node.js

The installation process of NPM and Node is much similar for all operating systems. I am going to show you how you can install the NPM and Node.js on the windows operating system.

NOTE: We are going to install the Node.js. The NPM is also installed along with Node.js.
NPM (Node Package Manager) is a package manager for Node.js packages.

The website is a collection of millions of NPM packages. We can use it for FREE. See How to create and release the NPM package?

So, Let’s see how to install the NPM and Node on windows operating system.

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Download Node.js Download Node.js

You can directly visit to the site or simply search for Node Install.

Then click on the first link which is probably from site

Install NPM and Node.js 1
Search Result for Node.js

Choose right Node.js version Choose right Node.js version

Click on download menu or visit

Select the installer according to your Operating system. Choose the 32 bit or 64 bit version according your current system architecture.

I have a 64 bit system and Windows operating system. So, I’m selecting the 64 bit Node.js installer.

Install NPM and Node.js 2
Download Your Preferred Node.js version

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Installation of Node.js Installation of Node.js

After downloading the Node.js simply run the installation process. The installation process is almost similar like other software insulation processes.

In below screen Node.js ask the install permissions. Simply click on Run to start the instillation process.

Install NPM and Node.js 3
Installation Screen 1

Click Next to continue.

Install NPM and Node.js 4
Install NPM and Node.js 14

Accept terms and conditions and then click on Next button to continue.

Install NPM and Node.js 5
Accept Terms and Conditions

Select the directory where you want to install the Node.js.

I’m installing the default location C:\Program Files\nodejs\. You can change the installation directory if you want.

Now, Click on Next button to continue.

Install NPM and Node.js 6
Install NPM and Node.js 15

Select the Node.js features which you want to install and then, Click on Next button to continue.

Install NPM and Node.js 7
Install NPM and Node.js 16

Click on Next button to continue.

Install NPM and Node.js 8
Install NPM and Node.js 17

We have selected all the options which are required for the Node.js.

Now, We are ready to install the Node.js.

Click on Install to continue.

Install NPM and Node.js 9
Install NPM and Node.js 18

Below is the installation process screen:

Install NPM and Node.js 10
Install NPM and Node.js 19

Done, We have installed the Node.js on the system.

Install NPM and Node.js 11
Install NPM and Node.js 20

After successful installation on Windows operating system you can see the Node.js icon.

Install NPM and Node.js 12
Install NPM and Node.js 21

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Confirm the Node and NPM installation Confirm the Node and NPM installation

We can check it by executing the npm --version and node --version comamnds.

  • Open Terminal or CMD (Command Prompt)
  • Type commands
npm --version
node --version

After executing above commands you can see the current versions of NPM and Node on the screen.

Install NPM and Node.js 13
Install NPM and Node.js 22

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