PureComponent do the shallow comparision and re-render the Component.

E.g. If our states is not change and we try to re-render the component then it check there is now

We can use the PureComponent to improve performance.

  • In below example we have created `Welcome` and extend it with `PureComponent`.
  • Initilize the `count` state with `0`.
  • On `componentDidMount()` set the `1000 ms` / `1 second` interval with `setInterval()`.
  • And for each second we set the same value `0` to our `count` state.
  • Also for testing used `componentDidUpdate()` life cycle method which trigger after updating the component.
  • In Console log we see the `componentDidUpdate` log only once.
  • Becase when the state change after 1 second then PureComponent check that there is no diff. from old and new state value.
  • So, PureComponent avoid the re-render.
  • Instead of `PureComponent` if we use `Component` then for each second we see the log `componentDidUpdate` in console.
import React, { PureComponent } from 'react';

class Welcome extends PureComponent {
	constructor() {

		this.state = { count: 0 };

	componentDidUpdate() {
		console.log( 'componentDidUpdate' );

	componentDidMount() {
		setInterval( () => {
				count: 0
		}, 1000);

	render() {
		return <h1>Count: { this.state.count }</h1>

function App() {
	return <Welcome />

export default App;

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