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This function’s access is marked private. This means it is not intended for use by plugin or theme developers, only in other core functions. It is listed here for completeness. Use update_site_cache() instead.

Summery Summery

Adds any sites from the given ids to the cache that do not already exist in cache.

Syntax Syntax

_prime_site_caches( array $ids, bool $update_meta_cache = true )

Parameters Parameters


(Required) ID list.


(Optional) Whether to update the meta cache.

Default value: true

Source Source

File: wp-includes/ms-site.php

 * @see update_site_cache()
 * @global wpdb $wpdb WordPress database abstraction object.
 * @param array $ids               ID list.
 * @param bool  $update_meta_cache Optional. Whether to update the meta cache. Default true.
function _prime_site_caches( $ids, $update_meta_cache = true ) {
	global $wpdb;


Changelog Changelog

Version Description
5.1.0 Introduced the $update_meta_cache parameter.
4.6.0 Introduced.

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