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Recursively computes the intersection of arrays using keys for comparison.

Syntax Syntax

_rest_array_intersect_key_recursive( array $array1, array $array2 )

Parameters Parameters


(Required) The array with master keys to check.


(Required) An array to compare keys against.

Return Return

(array) An associative array containing all the entries of array1 which have keys that are present in all arguments.

Source Source

File: wp-includes/rest-api.php

			// Remove the redundant preg_match() argument.
			unset( $args[0] );

			$request->set_url_params( $args );
			$request->set_attributes( $endpoint );

		$data = $handler->get_data_for_route( $route, $endpoints, 'help' );
		$response->set_matched_route( $route );



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