Retrieves information about the current site.


get_bloginfo( string $show = '', string $filter = 'raw' )


Possible values for $show include:

  • ‘name’ – Site title (set in Settings > General)
  • ‘description’ – Site tagline (set in Settings > General)
  • ‘wpurl’ – The WordPress address (URL) (set in Settings > General)
  • ‘url’ – The Site address (URL) (set in Settings > General)
  • ‘admin_email’ – Admin email (set in Settings > General)
  • ‘charset’ – The "Encoding for pages and feeds" (set in Settings > Reading)
  • ‘version’ – The current WordPress version
  • ‘html_type’ – The content-type (default: "text/html"). Themes and plugins can override the default value using the ‘pre_option_html_type’ filter
  • ‘text_direction’ – The text direction determined by the site’s language. is_rtl() should be used instead
  • ‘language’ – Language code for the current site
  • ‘stylesheet_url’ – URL to the stylesheet for the active theme. An active child theme will take precedence over this value
  • ‘stylesheet_directory’ – Directory path for the active theme. An active child theme will take precedence over this value
  • ‘template_url’ / ‘template_directory’ – URL of the active theme’s directory. An active child theme will NOT take precedence over this value
  • ‘pingback_url’ – The pingback XML-RPC file URL (xmlrpc.php)
  • ‘atom_url’ – The Atom feed URL (/feed/atom)
  • ‘rdf_url’ – The RDF/RSS 1.0 feed URL (/feed/rdf)
  • ‘rss_url’ – The RSS 0.92 feed URL (/feed/rss)
  • ‘rss2_url’ – The RSS 2.0 feed URL (/feed)
  • ‘comments_atom_url’ – The comments Atom feed URL (/comments/feed)
  • ‘comments_rss2_url’ – The comments RSS 2.0 feed URL (/comments/feed)

Some $show values are deprecated and will be removed in future versions. These options will trigger the _deprecated_argument() function.

Deprecated arguments include:

  • ‘siteurl’ – Use ‘url’ instead
  • ‘home’ – Use ‘url’ instead



(string) (Optional) Site info to retrieve. Default empty (site name).

Default value: ''


(string) (Optional) How to filter what is retrieved.

Default value: 'raw'


(string) Mostly string values, might be empty.


File: wp-includes/general-template.php



Version Description
0.71 Introduced.
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