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Sanitizes a bookmark field.

Syntax Syntax

sanitize_bookmark_field( string $field, mixed $value, int $bookmark_id, string $context )

Description Description

Sanitizes the bookmark fields based on what the field name is. If the field has a strict value set, then it will be tested for that, else a more generic filtering is applied. After the more strict filter is applied, if the $context is ‘raw’ then the value is immediately return.

Hooks exist for the more generic cases. With the ‘edit’ context, the ‘edit_$field’ filter will be called and passed the $value and $bookmark_id respectively.

With the ‘db’ context, the ‘pre_$field’ filter is called and passed the value. The ‘display’ context is the final context and has the $field has the filter name and is passed the $value, $bookmark_id, and $context, respectively.

Parameters Parameters


(string) (Required) The bookmark field.


(mixed) (Required) The bookmark field value.


(int) (Required) Bookmark ID.


(string) (Required) How to filter the field value. Accepts 'raw', 'edit', 'attribute', 'js', 'db', or 'display'

Return Return

(mixed) The filtered value.

Source Source

File: wp-includes/bookmark.php

function sanitize_bookmark_field( $field, $value, $bookmark_id, $context ) {
	switch ( $field ) {
		case 'link_id': // ints
		case 'link_rating':
			$value = (int) $value;
		case 'link_category': // array( ints )
			$value = array_map( 'absint', (array) $value );
			// We return here so that the categories aren't filtered.
			// The 'link_category' filter is for the name of a link category, not an array of a link's link categories.
			return $value;

		case 'link_visible': // bool stored as Y|N
			$value = preg_replace( '/[^YNyn]/', '', $value );
		case 'link_target': // "enum"
			$targets = array( '_top', '_blank' );
			if ( ! in_array( $value, $targets, true ) ) {
				$value = '';

	if ( 'raw' === $context ) {
		return $value;

	if ( 'edit' === $context ) {
		/** This filter is documented in wp-includes/post.php */
		$value = apply_filters( "edit_{$field}", $value, $bookmark_id );

		if ( 'link_notes' === $field ) {
			$value = esc_html( $value ); // textarea_escaped
		} else {
			$value = esc_attr( $value );
	} elseif ( 'db' === $context ) {
		/** This filter is documented in wp-includes/post.php */
		$value = apply_filters( "pre_{$field}", $value );
	} else {
		/** This filter is documented in wp-includes/post.php */
		$value = apply_filters( "{$field}", $value, $bookmark_id, $context );

		if ( 'attribute' === $context ) {
			$value = esc_attr( $value );
		} elseif ( 'js' === $context ) {
			$value = esc_js( $value );

	return $value;


Changelog Changelog

Version Description
2.3.0 Introduced.


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