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Add or modify the debug information.

Syntax Syntax

apply_filters( 'debug_information', array $args )

Description Description

Plugin or themes may wish to introduce their own debug information without creating additional admin pages they can utilize this filter to introduce their own sections or add more data to existing sections.

Array keys for sections added by core are all prefixed with wp-, plugins and themes should use their own slug as a prefix, both for consistency as well as avoiding key collisions. Note that the array keys are used as labels for the copied data.

All strings are expected to be plain text except $description that can contain inline HTML tags (see below).

Parameters Parameters


The debug information to be added to the core information page. This is an associative multi-dimensional array, up to three levels deep. The topmost array holds the sections. Each section has a $fields associative array (see below), and each $value in $fields can be another associative array of name/value pairs when there is more structured data to display.

  • 'label'
    (string) The title for this section of the debug output.
  • 'description'
    (string) Optional. A description for your information section which may contain basic HTML markup, inline tags only as it is outputted in a paragraph.
  • 'show_count'
    (boolean) Optional. If set to true the amount of fields will be included in the title for this section.
  • 'private'
    (boolean) Optional. If set to true the section and all associated fields will be excluded from the copied data.
  • 'fields'
    (array) An associative array containing the data to be displayed.
    • 'label'
      (string) The label for this piece of information.
    • 'value'
      (string) The output that is displayed for this field. Text should be translated. Can be an associative array that is displayed as name/value pairs.
    • 'debug'
      (string) Optional. The output that is used for this field when the user copies the data. It should be more concise and not translated. If not set, the content of $value is used. Note that the array keys are used as labels for the copied data.
    • 'private'
      (boolean) Optional. If set to true the field will not be included in the copied data allowing you to show, for example, API keys here.

Source Source

File: wp-admin/includes/class-wp-debug-data.php


Changelog Changelog

Version Description
5.2.0 Introduced.


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