Summery Summery

Filters the links that appear on site-editing network pages.

Syntax Syntax

apply_filters( 'network_edit_site_nav_links', array $links )

Description Description

Default links: ‘site-info’, ‘site-users’, ‘site-themes’, and ‘site-settings’.

Parameters Parameters


(array) An array of link data representing individual network admin pages.

  • 'link_slug'
    (array) An array of information about the individual link to a page. $type string $label Label to use for the link. $type string $url URL, relative to network_admin_url() to use for the link. $type string $cap Capability required to see the link. }

Source Source

File: wp-admin/includes/ms.php


Changelog Changelog

Version Description
4.6.0 Introduced.


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