TypeScript is a programming language designed to enhance JavaScript development. It introduces static typing, modern language features, and improved tooling support, making it a popular choice among web developers. Learning TypeScript can greatly benefit beginners in their coding journey.

Introduction to TypeScript Introduction to TypeScript

  • Overview of TypeScript
  • Comparison with JavaScript
  • Advantages of using TypeScript

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Setting Up Your Environment Setting Up Your Environment

  • Installing TypeScript
  • Configuring TypeScript with tsconfig.json
  • Introduction to IDEs and tools for TypeScript development

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Basic Types in TypeScript Basic Types in TypeScript

  • Understanding primitive types: string, number, boolean
  • Arrays and Tuples
  • Enum and Any types

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TypeScript’s Type System TypeScript’s Type System

  • Understanding Type Inference
  • Union and Intersection types
  • Type Aliases and Interfaces

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Functions in TypeScript Functions in TypeScript

  • Function types and signatures
  • Optional, Default, and Rest parameters
  • Overloads in TypeScript functions

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Classes and Interfaces Classes and Interfaces

  • Defining classes and constructors
  • Access modifiers: public, private, and protected
  • Implementing interfaces

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Advanced Types Advanced Types

  • Generic Types
  • Mapped Types and Conditional Types
  • Utility Types

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Modules and Namespaces Modules and Namespaces

  • Organizing code with modules
  • Exporting and Importing modules
  • Understanding Namespaces

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Decorators and Mixins Decorators and Mixins

  • Introduction to Decorators
  • Decorator Factories
  • Implementing Mixins

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Integrating TypeScript with Frontend Frameworks Integrating TypeScript with Frontend Frameworks

  • Vue.js with TypeScript support
  • Using TypeScript with React
  • Angular and TypeScript

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Debugging and Error Handling* Debugging and Error Handling*

  • Debugging TypeScript code
  • Handling errors and exceptions

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Best Practices and Tips Best Practices and Tips

  • Coding style and best practices
  • Performance optimization
  • Community resources and further learning

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