Journey Behind Translating Bhari Theme


Before the start, I’d want to share some thoughts behind building the Bhari theme. In January 2017, I have started contributing WordPress by reviewing themes from I have reviewed all the possible themes in my available time. Check out my reviewed themes.

Why to review the WordPress theme?

IMO, Answer is simple. To get involved in a BIG open source project and to improve the knowledge of Theme development.

In a review process, I have learned a lot of new stuff. You can also start reviewing the WordPress theme to improve your coding standards. To get started please read the article become a reviewer.

Okay. Let’s back to the track.

Finally, Bhari Theme Approved!

In 5 Feb 2017, I have started developing the WordPress Bhari theme. I have used  _s theme while building my first theme. Here is the first commit on Github Initial release.

In a development, I have spent almost 1 month and finally on 30 March 2017, my theme Bhari was live on (approved by Acosmin). I want to say thanks for the guys @pratikchaskar19@_nikchavan and @swapnildhanrale  who support me.

What after theme Approve?

After Bhari theme approve I have created a website for documenting the theme. I have kept the development on Bhari on Github repository. And tried to provide all the possible information to keep this open source project up to date.

I have created all the possible things for Bhari theme as blow:

Here I have highlighted the Translation Ready, Because I want to just share the Journey behind translating the Bhari theme.

And, Journy Biguns..

WordPress uses the plugin GlotPress for translations (Internally It use the gettext). WordPress provides a website to translate any WordPress Theme/Plugin or Core Versions too.

Below is the list of categories:

Screenshot for reference:Journey Behind Translating the WordPress Bhari theme 1

URL: these categories, We can choose any project. In this article, I’m sharing you How I translated the Bhari theme. So, I have chosen category Themes and selected Bhari like below screenshot:Journey Behind Translating the WordPress Bhari theme 2

URL:’m from Maharashtra, India. My language is Marathi (?????). So, I have selected the Marathi language to translate Bhari Theme.

Journey Behind Translating the WordPress Bhari theme 3

Here is the translation page of Bhari Theme for the Marathi Language.

The translation process of WordPress is very simple.

  • Just login/register to
  • Select Language and Project
  • Translate the available strings.

Please check the quick short video in which I have to translate the string.


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