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Most of the time we need the sample data. Basically we need sample data which includes post, pages etc.

We are going to see:

Overview Overview

Themes and plugins provide there own sample data such as:

  • WooCommerce – Which provides the sample products.
  • bbPress – Which provides the forums, topics, etc.

It is hard to import the sample data from all these different plugins.

So, I have built the plugin which provides the single interface to import the sample data from different plugins with ONE click.

For now, I have added the bbPress and WooCommerce plugin sample data support.

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Installation Installation

Follow below simple steps to install the plugin:

  • Install & Activate plugin.
  • Click on Get Started » from plugin/theme. It read the file and get import content.
  • Click on Start Import and confirm to import the data.
  • For more details check below screenshots or youtube video.

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Dummy Data Dummy Data

Dummy data or sample data is most required for for demonstration. Now, In Sample Data plugin we have WooCommerce and bbPress plugin sample data. In future I’ll add other plugin sample data as per user requests.

If you have any request for any other plugin then contact me.

Sample Content Sample Content

Sample content includes the post, pages, comments etc. This is basically known as Theme Unit Test.

Sample Data 1
Sample Content

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WooCommerce WooCommerce

We can also import the WooCommerce products. Plugin automatically install and activate the WooCommerce plugin.

Sample Data 11
WooCommerce Plugin

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bbPress bbPress

bbPress is most popular forum plugin. It is quickly setup a place for asyncronous discussion, subscriptions, and more!

We can import the forum, topics, discussions etc sample data with one click.

Sample Data 18

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Screenshots Screenshots

Step 1: Install & Activate plugin
Step 2: Click on `Get Started`
Step 3: It get the content from file
Step 4: Click on `Start Import`
Step 5: Click `Ok` to confirm import
Step 6: Import Started!
Step 7: Import Completed!
Step 8: Imported Contents.

Plugin import the data form the XML file. For now plugin added in-build support for:

  • Theme Unit Test Data
  • WooCommerce
  • bbPress

Do you want another plugin support? Request for support »

Do you know coding? Let’s fork & extend it from Github.

You can download it from wp.orgVisit plugin page Sample Data.

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