WP-CLI is the command-line interface for WordPress. You can update plugins, configure multisite installs, and much more, without using a web browser.

Below is the complete list of WP CLI commands generated with WP CLI Commands Cheat Sheet (Complete List of WP CLI Commands)

wp cache addDocs | Git
wp cache decrDocs | Git
wp cache deleteDocs | Git
wp cache flushDocs | Git
wp cache getDocs | Git
wp cache incrDocs | Git
wp cache replaceDocs | Git
wp cache setDocs | Git
wp cache typeDocs | Git
wp cap addDocs | Git
wp cap listDocs | Git
wp cap removeDocs | Git
wp cli aliasDocs | Git
wp cli check-updateDocs | Git
wp cli cmd-dumpDocs | Git
wp cli completionsDocs | Git
wp cli has-commandDocs | Git
wp cli infoDocs | Git
wp cli param-dumpDocs | Git
wp cli updateDocs | Git
wp cli versionDocs | Git
wp comment approveDocs | Git
wp comment countDocs | Git
wp comment createDocs | Git
wp comment deleteDocs | Git
wp comment existsDocs | Git
wp comment generateDocs | Git
wp comment getDocs | Git
wp comment listDocs | Git
wp comment metaDocs | Git
wp comment recountDocs | Git
wp comment spamDocs | Git
wp comment statusDocs | Git
wp comment trashDocs | Git
wp comment unapproveDocs | Git
wp comment unspamDocs | Git
wp comment untrashDocs | Git
wp comment updateDocs | Git
wp comment meta addDocs | Git
wp comment meta deleteDocs | Git
wp comment meta getDocs | Git
wp comment meta listDocs | Git
wp comment meta patchDocs | Git
wp comment meta pluckDocs | Git
wp comment meta updateDocs | Git
wp config createDocs | Git
wp config deleteDocs | Git
wp config getDocs | Git
wp config hasDocs | Git
wp config listDocs | Git
wp config pathDocs | Git
wp config setDocs | Git
wp core check-updateDocs | Git
wp core downloadDocs | Git
wp core installDocs | Git
wp core is-installedDocs | Git
wp core multisite-convertDocs | Git
wp core multisite-installDocs | Git
wp core update-dbDocs | Git
wp core updateDocs | Git
wp core verify-checksumsDocs | Git
wp core versionDocs | Git
wp cron eventDocs | Git
wp cron scheduleDocs | Git
wp cron testDocs | Git
wp cron event deleteDocs | Git
wp cron event listDocs | Git
wp cron event runDocs | Git
wp cron event scheduleDocs | Git
wp cron schedule listDocs | Git
wp db checkDocs | Git
wp db cliDocs | Git
wp db createDocs | Git
wp db dropDocs | Git
wp db exportDocs | Git
wp db importDocs | Git
wp db optimizeDocs | Git
wp db prefixDocs | Git
wp db queryDocs | Git
wp db repairDocs | Git
wp db resetDocs | Git
wp db searchDocs | Git
wp db sizeDocs | Git
wp db tablesDocs | Git
wp embed cacheDocs | Git
wp embed fetchDocs | Git
wp embed handlerDocs | Git
wp embed providerDocs | Git
wp embed cache clearDocs | Git
wp embed cache findDocs | Git
wp embed cache triggerDocs | Git
wp embed handler listDocs | Git
wp embed provider listDocs | Git
wp embed provider matchDocs | Git
wp language coreDocs | Git
wp language core activateDocs | Git
wp language core installDocs | Git
wp language core listDocs | Git
wp language core uninstallDocs | Git
wp language core updateDocs | Git
wp media image-sizeDocs | Git
wp media importDocs | Git
wp media regenerateDocs | Git
wp menu createDocs | Git
wp menu deleteDocs | Git
wp menu itemDocs | Git
wp menu listDocs | Git
wp menu locationDocs | Git
wp menu item add-customDocs | Git
wp menu item add-postDocs | Git
wp menu item add-termDocs | Git
wp menu item deleteDocs | Git
wp menu item listDocs | Git
wp menu item updateDocs | Git
wp menu location assignDocs | Git
wp menu location listDocs | Git
wp menu location removeDocs | Git
wp network metaDocs | Git
wp network meta addDocs | Git
wp network meta deleteDocs | Git
wp network meta getDocs | Git
wp network meta listDocs | Git
wp network meta patchDocs | Git
wp network meta pluckDocs | Git
wp network meta updateDocs | Git
wp option addDocs | Git
wp option deleteDocs | Git
wp option getDocs | Git
wp option listDocs | Git
wp option patchDocs | Git
wp option pluckDocs | Git
wp option updateDocs | Git
wp package browseDocs | Git
wp package installDocs | Git
wp package listDocs | Git
wp package pathDocs | Git
wp package uninstallDocs | Git
wp package updateDocs | Git
wp plugin activateDocs | Git
wp plugin deactivateDocs | Git
wp plugin deleteDocs | Git
wp plugin getDocs | Git
wp plugin installDocs | Git
wp plugin is-installedDocs | Git
wp plugin listDocs | Git
wp plugin pathDocs | Git
wp plugin searchDocs | Git
wp plugin statusDocs | Git
wp plugin toggleDocs | Git
wp plugin uninstallDocs | Git
wp plugin updateDocs | Git
wp plugin verify-checksumsDocs | Git
wp post-type getDocs | Git
wp post-type listDocs | Git
wp post createDocs | Git
wp post deleteDocs | Git
wp post editDocs | Git
wp post generateDocs | Git
wp post getDocs | Git
wp post listDocs | Git
wp post metaDocs | Git
wp post termDocs | Git
wp post updateDocs | Git
wp post meta addDocs | Git
wp post meta deleteDocs | Git
wp post meta getDocs | Git
wp post meta listDocs | Git
wp post meta patchDocs | Git
wp post meta pluckDocs | Git
wp post meta updateDocs | Git
wp post term addDocs | Git
wp post term listDocs | Git
wp post term removeDocs | Git
wp post term setDocs | Git
wp profile eval-fileDocs | Git
wp profile evalDocs | Git
wp profile hookDocs | Git
wp profile stageDocs | Git
wp rewrite flushDocs | Git
wp rewrite listDocs | Git
wp rewrite structureDocs | Git
wp role createDocs | Git
wp role deleteDocs | Git
wp role existsDocs | Git
wp role listDocs | Git
wp role resetDocs | Git
wp scaffold _sDocs | Git
wp scaffold blockDocs | Git
wp scaffold child-themeDocs | Git
wp scaffold plugin-testsDocs | Git
wp scaffold pluginDocs | Git
wp scaffold post-typeDocs | Git
wp scaffold taxonomyDocs | Git
wp scaffold theme-testsDocs | Git
wp sidebar listDocs | Git
wp site activateDocs | Git
wp site archiveDocs | Git
wp site createDocs | Git
wp site deactivateDocs | Git
wp site deleteDocs | Git
wp site emptyDocs | Git
wp site listDocs | Git
wp site matureDocs | Git
wp site optionDocs | Git
wp site privateDocs | Git
wp site publicDocs | Git
wp site spamDocs | Git
wp site unarchiveDocs | Git
wp site unmatureDocs | Git
wp site unspamDocs | Git
wp site option addDocs | Git
wp site option deleteDocs | Git
wp site option getDocs | Git
wp site option listDocs | Git
wp site option patchDocs | Git
wp site option pluckDocs | Git
wp site option updateDocs | Git
wp super-admin addDocs | Git
wp super-admin listDocs | Git
wp super-admin removeDocs | Git
wp taxonomy getDocs | Git
wp taxonomy listDocs | Git
wp term createDocs | Git
wp term deleteDocs | Git
wp term generateDocs | Git
wp term getDocs | Git
wp term listDocs | Git
wp term metaDocs | Git
wp term recountDocs | Git
wp term updateDocs | Git
wp term meta addDocs | Git
wp term meta deleteDocs | Git
wp term meta getDocs | Git
wp term meta listDocs | Git
wp term meta patchDocs | Git
wp term meta pluckDocs | Git
wp term meta updateDocs | Git
wp theme activateDocs | Git
wp theme deleteDocs | Git
wp theme disableDocs | Git
wp theme enableDocs | Git
wp theme getDocs | Git
wp theme installDocs | Git
wp theme is-installedDocs | Git
wp theme listDocs | Git
wp theme modDocs | Git
wp theme pathDocs | Git
wp theme searchDocs | Git
wp theme statusDocs | Git
wp theme updateDocs | Git
wp theme mod getDocs | Git
wp theme mod removeDocs | Git
wp theme mod setDocs | Git
wp transient deleteDocs | Git
wp transient getDocs | Git
wp transient setDocs | Git
wp transient typeDocs | Git
wp user add-capDocs | Git
wp user add-roleDocs | Git
wp user createDocs | Git
wp user deleteDocs | Git
wp user generateDocs | Git
wp user getDocs | Git
wp user import-csvDocs | Git
wp user list-capsDocs | Git
wp user listDocs | Git
wp user metaDocs | Git
wp user remove-capDocs | Git
wp user remove-roleDocs | Git
wp user reset-passwordDocs | Git
wp user sessionDocs | Git
wp user set-roleDocs | Git
wp user spamDocs | Git
wp user termDocs | Git
wp user unspamDocs | Git
wp user updateDocs | Git
wp user meta addDocs | Git
wp user meta deleteDocs | Git
wp user meta getDocs | Git
wp user meta listDocs | Git
wp user meta patchDocs | Git
wp user meta pluckDocs | Git
wp user meta updateDocs | Git
wp user session destroyDocs | Git
wp user session listDocs | Git
wp user term addDocs | Git
wp user term listDocs | Git
wp user term removeDocs | Git
wp user term setDocs | Git
wp widget addDocs | Git
wp widget deactivateDocs | Git
wp widget deleteDocs | Git
wp widget listDocs | Git
wp widget moveDocs | Git
wp widget resetDocs | Git
wp widget updateDocs | Git

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