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Converts array to $encoding charset from $this->encoding.

Syntax Syntax

getID3::CharConvert( array $array, string $encoding )

Parameters Parameters





Source Source

File: wp-includes/ID3/getid3.php


		return $format_info;

	 * @param string $filedata
	 * @param string $filename
	 * @return mixed|false
	public function GetFileFormat(&$filedata, $filename='') {
		// this function will determine the format of a file based on usually
		// the first 2-4 bytes of the file (8 bytes for PNG, 16 bytes for JPG,
		// and in the case of ISO CD image, 6 bytes offset 32kb from the start
		// of the file).

		// Identify file format - loop through $format_info and detect with reg expr
		foreach ($this->GetFileFormatArray() as $format_name => $info) {
			// The /s switch on preg_match() forces preg_match() NOT to treat



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