Syntax Syntax

getID3::getHashdata( string $algorithm )

Parameters Parameters



Return Return


Source Source

File: wp-includes/ID3/getid3.php



		// pictures can take up a lot of space, and we don't need multiple copies of them; let there be a single copy in [comments][picture], and not elsewhere
		if (!empty($this->info['tags'])) {
			$unset_keys = array('tags', 'tags_html');
			foreach ($this->info['tags'] as $tagtype => $tagarray) {
				foreach ($tagarray as $tagname => $tagdata) {
					if ($tagname == 'picture') {
						foreach ($tagdata as $key => $tagarray) {
							$this->info['comments']['picture'][] = $tagarray;
							if (isset($tagarray['data']) && isset($tagarray['image_mime'])) {
								if (isset($this->info['tags'][$tagtype][$tagname][$key])) {
								if (isset($this->info['tags_html'][$tagtype][$tagname][$key])) {
				foreach ($unset_keys as $unset_key) {
					// remove possible empty keys from (e.g. [tags][id3v2][picture])
					if (empty($this->info[$unset_key][$tagtype]['picture'])) {
					if (empty($this->info[$unset_key][$tagtype])) {
					if (empty($this->info[$unset_key])) {
				// remove duplicate copy of picture data from (e.g. [id3v2][comments][picture])
				if (isset($this->info[$tagtype]['comments']['picture'])) {
				if (empty($this->info[$tagtype]['comments'])) {
				if (empty($this->info[$tagtype])) {
		return true;

	 * Calls getid3_lib::CopyTagsToComments() but passes in the option_tags_html setting from this instance of getID3
	 * @param array $ThisFileInfo
	 * @return bool
	public function CopyTagsToComments(&$ThisFileInfo) {
	    return getid3_lib::CopyTagsToComments($ThisFileInfo, $this->option_tags_html);

	 * @param string $algorithm
	 * @return array|bool
	public function getHashdata($algorithm) {
		switch ($algorithm) {
			case 'md5':
			case 'sha1':

				return $this->error('bad algorithm "'.$algorithm.'" in getHashdata()');

		if (!empty($this->info['fileformat']) && !empty($this->info['dataformat']) && ($this->info['fileformat'] == 'ogg') && ($this->info['audio']['dataformat'] == 'vorbis')) {

			// We cannot get an identical md5_data value for Ogg files where the comments
			// span more than 1 Ogg page (compared to the same audio data with smaller
			// comments) using the normal getID3() method of MD5'ing the data between the
			// end of the comments and the end of the file (minus any trailing tags),
			// because the page sequence numbers of the pages that the audio data is on
			// do not match. Under normal circumstances, where comments are smaller than
			// the nominal 4-8kB page size, then this is not a problem, but if there are
			// very large comments, the only way around it is to strip off the comment
			// tags with vorbiscomment and MD5 that file.
			// This procedure must be applied to ALL Ogg files, not just the ones with
			// comments larger than 1 page, because the below method simply MD5's the
			// whole file with the comments stripped, not just the portion after the
			// comments block (which is the standard getID3() method.

			// The above-mentioned problem of comments spanning multiple pages and changing
			// page sequence numbers likely happens for OggSpeex and OggFLAC as well, but
			// currently vorbiscomment only works on OggVorbis files.

			// phpcs:ignore PHPCompatibility.IniDirectives.RemovedIniDirectives.safe_modeDeprecatedRemoved
			if (preg_match('#(1|ON)#i', ini_get('safe_mode'))) {

				$this->warning('Failed making system call to vorbiscomment.exe - '.$algorithm.'_data is incorrect - error returned: PHP running in Safe Mode (backtick operator not available)');
				$this->info[$algorithm.'_data'] = false;

			} else {

				// Prevent user from aborting script
				$old_abort = ignore_user_abort(true);

				// Create empty file
				$empty = tempnam(GETID3_TEMP_DIR, 'getID3');

				// Use vorbiscomment to make temp file without comments
				$temp = tempnam(GETID3_TEMP_DIR, 'getID3');
				$file = $this->info['filenamepath'];


					if (file_exists(GETID3_HELPERAPPSDIR.'vorbiscomment.exe')) {

						$commandline = '"'.GETID3_HELPERAPPSDIR.'vorbiscomment.exe" -w -c "'.$empty.'" "'.$file.'" "'.$temp.'"';



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