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Check if a cookie is expired.

Syntax Syntax


Description Description

Checks the age against $this->reference_time to determine if the cookie is expired.

Return Return

(boolean) True if expired, false if time is valid.

Source Source

File: wp-includes/Requests/Cookie.php

	public function is_expired() {
		// RFC6265, s.
		// If a cookie has both the Max-Age and the Expires attribute, the Max-
		// Age attribute has precedence and controls the expiration date of the
		// cookie.
		if (isset($this->attributes['max-age'])) {
			$max_age = $this->attributes['max-age'];
			return $max_age < $this->reference_time;

		if (isset($this->attributes['expires'])) {
			$expires = $this->attributes['expires'];
			return $expires < $this->reference_time;

		return false;



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