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Check if a cookie is valid for a given path

Syntax Syntax

Requests_Cookie::path_matches( string $request_path )

Description Description

From the path-match check in RFC 6265 section 5.1.4

Parameters Parameters


(string) (Required) Path to check

Return Return

(boolean) Whether the cookie is valid for the given path

Source Source

File: wp-includes/Requests/Cookie.php

	public function path_matches($request_path) {
		if (empty($request_path)) {
			// Normalize empty path to root
			$request_path = '/';

		if (!isset($this->attributes['path'])) {
			// Cookies created manually; cookies created by Requests will set
			// the path to the requested path
			return true;

		$cookie_path = $this->attributes['path'];

		if ($cookie_path === $request_path) {
			// The cookie-path and the request-path are identical.
			return true;

		if (strlen($request_path) > strlen($cookie_path) && substr($request_path, 0, strlen($cookie_path)) === $cookie_path) {
			if (substr($cookie_path, -1) === '/') {
				// The cookie-path is a prefix of the request-path, and the last
				// character of the cookie-path is %x2F ("/").
				return true;

			if (substr($request_path, strlen($cookie_path), 1) === '/') {
				// The cookie-path is a prefix of the request-path, and the
				// first character of the request-path that is not included in
				// the cookie-path is a %x2F ("/") character.
				return true;

		return false;



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