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Get data for an channel-level element

Syntax Syntax

SimplePie::get_image_tags( string $namespace, string $tag )

Description Description

This method allows you to get access to ANY element/attribute in the image/logo section of the feed.

See SimplePie::get_feed_tags() for a description of the return value

Parameters Parameters


(Required) The URL of the XML namespace of the elements you're trying to access


(Required) Tag name

Return Return


Source Source

File: wp-includes/class-simplepie.php


						case '2.0':
							$this->data['type'] &= SIMPLEPIE_TYPE_RSS_20;
				$this->data['type'] = SIMPLEPIE_TYPE_NONE;
		return $this->data['type'];

	 * Get the URL for the feed
	 * When the 'permanent' mode is enabled, returns the original feed URL,
	 * except in the case of an `HTTP 301 Moved Permanently` status response,
	 * in which case the location of the first redirection is returned.
	 * When the 'permanent' mode is disabled (default),
	 * may or may not be different from the URL passed to {@see set_feed_url()},
	 * depending on whether auto-discovery was used, and whether there were
	 * any redirects along the way.
	 * @since Preview Release (previously called `get_feed_url()` since SimplePie 0.8.)
	 * @todo Support <itunes:new-feed-url>
	 * @todo Also, |atom:link|@rel=self
	 * @param bool $permanent Permanent mode to return only the original URL or the first redirection
	 * iff it is a 301 redirection
	 * @return string|null


Changelog Changelog

Version Description
1.0 Introduced.

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