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File: wp-includes/SimplePie/Enclosure.php

	 *    will have this value as its class name. Defaults to blank.
	 * - `audio` (string): This is an image that should be used as a
	 *    placeholder for audio files before they're loaded (QuickTime-only).
	 *    Can be any relative or absolute URL. Defaults to blank.
	 * - `bgcolor` (string): The background color for the media, if not
	 *    already transparent. Defaults to `#ffffff`.
	 * - `height` (integer): The height of the embedded media. Accepts any
	 *    numeric pixel value (such as `360`) or `auto`. Defaults to `auto`,
	 *    and it is recommended that you use this default.
	 * - `loop` (boolean): Do you want the media to loop when it's done?
	 *    Defaults to `false`.



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