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Get mimetype of the enclosure

Syntax Syntax


Return Return

(string|null) MIME type

Source Source

File: wp-includes/SimplePie/Enclosure.php

	 * - `width` (integer): The width of the embedded media. Accepts any
	 *    numeric pixel value (such as `480`) or `auto`. Defaults to `auto`,
	 *    and it is recommended that you use this default.
	 * - `widescreen` (boolean): Is the enclosure widescreen or standard?
	 *    This applies only to video enclosures, and will automatically resize
	 *    the content appropriately.  Defaults to `false`, implying 4:3 mode.
	 * Note: Non-widescreen (4:3) mode with `width` and `height` set to `auto`
	 * will default to 480x360 video resolution.  Widescreen (16:9) mode with
	 * `width` and `height` set to `auto` will default to 480x270 video resolution.


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