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Cast to an integer if we can, safely.

Syntax Syntax

RandomCompat_intval( int|float $number, bool $fail_open = false )

Description Description

If you pass it a float in the range (~PHP_INT_MAX, PHP_INT_MAX) (non-inclusive), it will sanely cast it to an int. If you it’s equal to ~PHP_INT_MAX or PHP_INT_MAX, we let it fail as not an integer. Floats lose precision, so the <= and => operators might accidentally let a float through.

Parameters Parameters


(Required) The number we want to convert to an int


(Optional) Set to true to not throw an exception

Default value: false

Return Return


Source Source

File: wp-includes/random_compat/cast_to_int.php

    function RandomCompat_intval($number, $fail_open = false)
        if (is_int($number) || is_float($number)) {
            $number += 0;
        } elseif (is_numeric($number)) {
            $number += 0;

        if (
            $number > ~PHP_INT_MAX
            $number < PHP_INT_MAX
        ) {
            $number = (int) $number;

        if (is_int($number)) {
            return (int) $number;
        } elseif (!$fail_open) {
            throw new TypeError(
                'Expected an integer.'
        return $number;



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