Summery Summery

Filters the action links displayed for each site in the Sites list table.

Syntax Syntax

apply_filters( 'manage_sites_action_links', string[] $actions, int $blog_id, string $blogname )

Description Description

The ‘Edit’, ‘Dashboard’, ‘Delete’, and ‘Visit’ links are displayed by default for each site. The site’s status determines whether to show the ‘Activate’ or ‘Deactivate’ link, ‘Unarchive’ or ‘Archive’ links, and ‘Not Spam’ or ‘Spam’ link for each site.

Parameters Parameters


(string[]) An array of action links to be displayed.


(int) The site ID.


(string) Site path, formatted depending on whether it is a sub-domain or subdirectory multisite installation.

Source Source

File: wp-admin/includes/class-wp-ms-sites-list-table.php


Changelog Changelog

Version Description
3.1.0 Introduced.


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