Syntax Syntax

getid3_id3v2::APICPictureTypeLookup( int $index, bool $returnarray = false )

Parameters Parameters


(int) (Required)


(bool) (Optional)

Default value: false

Return Return


Source Source

File: wp-includes/ID3/module.tag.id3v2.php

		return (isset($SYTLContentTypeLookup[$index]) ? $SYTLContentTypeLookup[$index] : '');

	 * @param int   $index
	 * @param bool $returnarray
	 * @return array|string
	public static function APICPictureTypeLookup($index, $returnarray=false) {
		static $APICPictureTypeLookup = array(
			0x00 => 'Other',
			0x01 => '32x32 pixels \'file icon\' (PNG only)',
			0x02 => 'Other file icon',
			0x03 => 'Cover (front)',
			0x04 => 'Cover (back)',
			0x05 => 'Leaflet page',
			0x06 => 'Media (e.g. label side of CD)',
			0x07 => 'Lead artist/lead performer/soloist',
			0x08 => 'Artist/performer',
			0x09 => 'Conductor',
			0x0A => 'Band/Orchestra',
			0x0B => 'Composer',
			0x0C => 'Lyricist/text writer',
			0x0D => 'Recording Location',
			0x0E => 'During recording',
			0x0F => 'During performance',
			0x10 => 'Movie/video screen capture',



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