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Anonymous public-key encryption. Only the recipient may decrypt messages.

Syntax Syntax

ParagonIE_Sodium_Compat::crypto_box_seal( string $plaintext, string $publicKey )

Description Description

Algorithm: X25519-XSalsa20-Poly1305, as with crypto_box. The sender’s X25519 keypair is ephemeral. Nonce is generated from the BLAKE2b hash of both public keys.

This provides ciphertext integrity.

Parameters Parameters


(Required) Message to be sealed


(Required) Your recipient's public key

Return Return

(string) Sealed message that only your recipient can decrypt

Source Source

File: wp-includes/sodium_compat/src/Compat.php

    public static function crypto_box_seal($plaintext, $publicKey)
        /* Type checks: */
        ParagonIE_Sodium_Core_Util::declareScalarType($plaintext, 'string', 1);
        ParagonIE_Sodium_Core_Util::declareScalarType($publicKey, 'string', 2);

        /* Input validation: */
        if (ParagonIE_Sodium_Core_Util::strlen($publicKey) !== self::CRYPTO_BOX_PUBLICKEYBYTES) {
            throw new SodiumException('Argument 2 must be CRYPTO_BOX_PUBLICKEYBYTES long.');

        if (self::useNewSodiumAPI()) {
            return (string) sodium_crypto_box_seal($plaintext, $publicKey);
        if (self::use_fallback('crypto_box_seal')) {
            return (string) call_user_func('\\Sodium\\crypto_box_seal', $plaintext, $publicKey);
        if (PHP_INT_SIZE === 4) {
            return ParagonIE_Sodium_Crypto32::box_seal($plaintext, $publicKey);
        return ParagonIE_Sodium_Crypto::box_seal($plaintext, $publicKey);



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