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Removes the taxonomy relationship to terms from the cache.

Syntax Syntax

clean_object_term_cache( int|array $object_ids, array|string $object_type )

Description Description

Will remove the entire taxonomy relationship containing term $object_id. The term IDs have to exist within the taxonomy $object_type for the deletion to take place.

Parameters Parameters


(Required) Single or list of term object ID(s).


(Required) The taxonomy object type.

Source Source

File: wp-includes/taxonomy.php

		// Flush any deferred counts.
		if ( ! $defer ) {
			wp_update_term_count( null, null, true );

	return $_defer;

 * Updates the amount of terms in taxonomy.
 * If there is a taxonomy callback applied, then it will be called for updating
 * the count.
 * The default action is to count what the amount of terms have the relationship
 * of term ID. Once that is done, then update the database.
 * @since 2.3.0
 * @param int|array $terms       The term_taxonomy_id of the terms.
 * @param string    $taxonomy    The context of the term.
 * @param bool      $do_deferred Whether to flush the deferred term counts too. Default false.
 * @return bool If no terms will return false, and if successful will return true.
function wp_update_term_count( $terms, $taxonomy, $do_deferred = false ) {
	static $_deferred = array();

	if ( $do_deferred ) {


Changelog Changelog

Version Description
2.3.0 Introduced.

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