Summery Summery

Will unlink the object from the taxonomy or taxonomies.

Syntax Syntax

wp_delete_object_term_relationships( int $object_id, string|array $taxonomies )

Description Description

Will remove all relationships between the object and any terms in a particular taxonomy or taxonomies. Does not remove the term or taxonomy itself.

Parameters Parameters


(int) (Required) The term Object Id that refers to the term.


(string|array) (Required) List of Taxonomy Names or single Taxonomy name.

Source Source

File: wp-includes/taxonomy.php

	} elseif ( 'js' === $context ) {
		$value = esc_js( $value );
	return $value;

 * Count how many terms are in Taxonomy.
 * Default $args is 'hide_empty' which can be 'hide_empty=true' or array('hide_empty' => true).
 * @since 2.3.0


Changelog Changelog

Version Description
2.3.0 Introduced.


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