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Determine if the given object is associated with any of the given terms.

Syntax Syntax

is_object_in_term( int $object_id, string $taxonomy, int|string|array $terms = null )

Description Description

The given terms are checked against the object’s terms’ term_ids, names and slugs. Terms given as integers will only be checked against the object’s terms’ term_ids. If no terms are given, determines if object is associated with any terms in the given taxonomy.

Parameters Parameters


(Required) ID of the object (post ID, link ID, ...).


(Required) Single taxonomy name.


(Optional) Term term_id, name, slug or array of said.

Default value: null

Return Return

(bool|WP_Error) WP_Error on input error.

Source Source

File: wp-includes/taxonomy.php

 * @since 2.5.0
 * @param array $args {
 *     Arguments about which post to use and how to format the output. Shares all of the arguments
 *     supported by get_the_taxonomies(), in addition to the following.
 *     @type  int|WP_Post $post   Post ID or object to get taxonomies of. Default current post.
 *     @type  string      $before Displays before the taxonomies. Default empty string.
 *     @type  string      $sep    Separates each taxonomy. Default is a space.
 *     @type  string      $after  Displays after the taxonomies. Default empty string.
 * }
function the_taxonomies( $args = array() ) {
	$defaults = array(
		'post'   => 0,
		'before' => '',
		'sep'    => ' ',
		'after'  => '',

	$parsed_args = wp_parse_args( $args, $defaults );

	echo $parsed_args['before'] . join( $parsed_args['sep'], get_the_taxonomies( $parsed_args['post'], $parsed_args ) ) . $parsed_args['after'];

 * Retrieve all taxonomies associated with a post.
 * This function can be used within the loop. It will also return an array of
 * the taxonomies with links to the taxonomy and name.
 * @since 2.5.0
 * @param int|WP_Post $post Optional. Post ID or WP_Post object. Default is global $post.
 * @param array       $args {
 *           Optional. Arguments about how to format the list of taxonomies. Default empty array.
 *     @type string $template      Template for displaying a taxonomy label and list of terms.
 *                                 Default is "Label: Terms."
 *     @type string $term_template Template for displaying a single term in the list. Default is the term name
 *                                 linked to its archive.
 * }
 * @return array List of taxonomies.
function get_the_taxonomies( $post = 0, $args = array() ) {
	$post = get_post( $post );

	$args = wp_parse_args(
			/* translators: %s: Taxonomy label, %l: List of terms formatted as per $term_template. */
			'template'      => __( '%s: %l.' ),
			'term_template' => '<a href="%1$s">%2$s</a>',

	$taxonomies = array();

	if ( ! $post ) {


Changelog Changelog

Version Description
2.7.0 Introduced.


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