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Introducing the new

I’m pleased to announce the launch of my new website! After 5 years of casual blogging, I am excited to

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FIXED: PHP Unit test issue PHP Warning/Warning/Fatal error: Failed to open stream: No such file (mock-mailer.php) for windows

After setup the PHP unit test on your Windows operating system maybe you get below error: In file C:\Users\MaheshW\AppData\Local\Temp\wordpress-tests-lib\wp-tests-config.php line

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Show group by alphabet posts with shortcode using WP_Query

Create an array of posts group by alphabet with WP_Query. Use below to create the list of posts array with

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How to capture website screenshot with CLI (Command Line Interface)

Introduction #Introduction Before writing about how to create a website screenshot of website with CLI command, I think, I need

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Auto translate WordPress theme and plugin strings with WP CLI

How to use? #How to use? Create fresh WordPress setup. Clone the plugin wp-i18n into your /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Import the

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How to add widget search into the WordPress Widgets page

Quick Preview To add the search follow below steps: Step 1: Add search input field in WordPress backend #Step 1:

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Quick download WordPress versions from

Quick Links #Quick Links Below are the quick download links of the latest WordPress release. Or Download OLD plugin release

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WordPress plugins page screenshot

Now WordPress have 55 thousands of plugins

WordPress now have 55 thousands of plugins in plugin repository. We can browse the plugins by 4 categories: Block-Enabled Plugins

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How to Quick Fix Error Another update is currently in progress.

Some times while updating the WordPress core or bulk updating plugins we’ll get a notice: Another update is currently in

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Get all posts which contain specific shortcode

While working on some project, I was stuck on one issue. The issue was, User was multiple posts and he

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